Technical Troubleshooting

▼ What to Do When the App Doesn't Update

[ iOS Users ]

・For iOS versions 13.0 and later:
- Open the App Store
- Go to "Account" via the icon on the upper right of the screen
- Swipe to scroll down and select "Update" for the app from the "Update List"

・For iOS versions 12.9 and earlier:
- Open the App Store
- Swipe to scroll down and select "Update" for the app from the "Update List"

When unable to update the app using the steps above, it is possible the update hasn't reflected in the App Store yet. Try waiting a little while, and then try again.


[ Android Users ]

1. When the app doesn't update...
- Open the Google Play Store
- Search for "TOYVERSE"
- Tap the "Update" next to the app

2. When the game won't start, even though it's the latest version...
- It's possible there is a lag in communication between your device and Google's servers.
- There are times when an app may show as the latest version on the update page while still being an older version within the app itself.

*Notice to all Android users:
There are times when the update may not arrive at the exact same time across devices. In those situations, try waiting a little while and checking again later.


▼ What to Do When the App Won't Start Correctly

You need to have a stable network connection and enough storage space on your device in order for the app to run smoothly.

If you are having issues getting the app to start, please try the following:

1. Close all other currently running apps, and then try restarting TOYVERSE.
2. Delete any unnecessary apps or data and free up storage space on your device.
3. Confirm you have or can move to a stable network connection before you start the app.

Your connection may not be stable if any of the following situations apply:

- You are playing from a closed-off room or from underground (such as from a basement or subway).
- You are playing while moving at a high speed (such as while riding in a car or train).
- You are playing under or nearby high-voltage power lines.
- You are playing while using a free or public Wi-Fi network or hotspot.

▼ What to Do About Screen Layout Display Issues

If you are having display issues with the game screen layout, please check the following:

I. Make Sure Screen Magnification Is Off

1. Open your device's Settings menu.
2. Open your device's Display settings.
3. Change any screen magnification or zoom settings back to "Default".

*Depending on your device and OS, these steps may differ. If you are unable to change your settings following the steps above, please refer to your device's user manual or consult the Support team for your device.

II. Check the System Requirements

You could be experiencing issues if you are trying to play while using an iPhone SE (1st generation) or another unsupported device. Please be sure to double check if your device or operating system is compatible with TOYVERSE.

You can check the Recommended Devices and Operating Systems (OS) here.

▼ Before Contacting Us...

1. Please note that at this time, we cannot guarantee TOYVERSE will operate properly on iPads or tablets, and therefore there may be times when certain in-game functions do not behave as intended.

2. If you are experiencing display issues, please first confirm that the issues aren't due to your system's display settings via the steps outlined above.

Regarding iPad and Tablet Support:
As stated above, we cannot currently guarantee the app will operate as intended when playing on an iPad or tablet. As such, we may not be able to provide technical support for players using these devices.

Whenever possible, we ask that players first transfer their game data to a supported device and OS before contacting us or submitting support requests.

▼ Other Notes

*These recommendations are based on system environments we have tested, but we cannot guarantee all operations will work as intended on all systems.

*There may be times, even when using a supported device, that the game may not run properly. This can depend on updates to your OS, special device settings, your device's open storage space, your network environment, your network connection speeds, and other similar factors.

*Future updates to TOYVERSE may result in the app no longer working on older devices or devices on which it was able to slowly operate.

*Please be aware that we may not be able to provide support regarding issues (such as the loss of game data) for accounts operating TOYVERSE on unsupported or unguaranteed devices or operating systems. This includes both on the Beta and Full Release versions.



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Last Updated: 2024/5/8
Feel free to contact us if you still have any other questions or concerns.
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