All About Stickers

What are "Stickers"?

Stickers are in-game items you can obtain in TOYVERSE.
You'll mostly use these to decorate and design your nOn, but you can also gift them to other players as well!

Keep in mind that these are "consumable" items, meaning once they are used up, they're gone. The stickers you use will be removed from your Toybox after you finalize your nOn design.

Each sticker also has its own unique stats, which we'll cover below.

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.

1 - Sticker Image
This is what the sticker looks like.

2 - Brand Name
Most stickers come from a certain Sticker Brand, which is shown here.
If the sticker does not have a brand, then no Sticker Brand will be shown.
At this point in time, there are 5 Sticker Brands in the game:
- Casual days
- Re:Nature
- kewl

3 - Series Name
This shows the Sticker Series that this sticker belongs to.

4 - Sticker Name
The name of the sticker is shown here.

5 - Rarity
The sticker's rarity is shown here.
Stickers have 3 rarities: UR (ultra rare), R (rare), and N (normal).

6 - Color
This is the main color that the sticker belongs to.

7 - Size
This shows the size of the sticker.
Stickers have 3 sizes: L (large), M (medium), and S (small).

8 - Count
This number typically shows you how many of this sticker you have in your Toybox.


But, when viewing the details of a sticker listed in a completed nOn's Sticker List, it will show how many of that sticker were used in that nOn's design.


You can have up to 99,999 of any one sticker at a time.

9 - Favorites Toggle
When viewing stickers you own, tap this star to add it to your Favorites list.


10 - "Visit Toy-Mart" Button

When the sticker you are viewing is currently being sold in Toy-Mart (either from a Pick 'n' Stick Store or a Sticker Pack), you can click this button to jump to that Store or Pack. (If the sticker is not purchasable, this button will not show.)



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Last Updated: 2023/12/15
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