All About Moments

"Moments" is a special feature in TOYVERSE where you can view posts from other players, sorted by various categories.

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.

1 - Fresh Takes
This category shows some of the newest Moments posted in TOYVERSE.

2 - Spotlight
This category shows popular nOn and Moments that have been selected for the Spotlight!

3 - Following
This category shows Moments posted within the last 72 hours by players you follow. If there are no recent posts, then this category will recommend some new players for you to follow.

4 - Weekly Top 10
This category shows the Top 10 nOn and players for a given week, separated into "Design" and "Player" subcategories.

Players who placed in ranks #11~100 will not be displayed here, but they will receive a notice to their Notifications letting them know where they ranked in for the week.

    Design Rankings
    This subcategory shows each week's most popular nOn across 5 different subcategories:
    Cute, Cool, Unique, Artsy, and Clever.

    Each division has its own Weekly Top 10, with each one calculated independently.

    Player Rankings
    This subcategory shows each week's most popular and active players, divided into 2 subcategories:
    "Social" and "Activity".

    Social = This shows the players whose posts received the most attention in (and who were the most active on) Moments.

    Activity = This shows the players who were the most active in overall gameplay, especially interacting in-world, completing Dilly-Dallies, and playing minigames.

    Just as with the Design Rankings, both divisions have their own Weekly Top 10 as well.



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Last Updated: 2024/4/26
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