All About Toy-Mart

Toy-Mart offers a wide array of items to buy, such as randomized Sticker Packs, emotes, bundles, and more!

We'll breakdown the various sections of the store below.

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.

1 - Spotlight Banner
At the top, we showcase new Sticker Packs. We might also display seasonal goodies and other recommended items.

2 - Event Sticker Pack Banner
When a special event-exclusive Sticker Pack is on sale, it's banner will show here, under the Spotlight Banner. These are limited-time Sticker Packs, so the banner will disappear once the event is over.

3 - Ending Soon Banner
Sticker Packs that will soon be leaving Toy-Mart are displayed in this section. Be sure to draw any favorites before they are gone!

4 - Top Pick 'n' Stick Stores
This section showcases stores where you can freely pick and choose which stickers you want to buy from a particular series.

5 - Top Sticker Packs
This section showcases different series of Sticker Packs for sale. The stickers you get when opening a pack will be a mystery!

6 - Sticker Series Search
You can search for all the Sticker Stores and Packs currently for sale in Toy-Mart here. You can even filter your search by sale or currency type.

7 - Other Goodies
Here, you can purchase new Base nOn, poses, and gestures.

8 - Bargain Bundles
We offer special bundles you can only nab here in this section. Be sure to take a peek at these offers!


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Last Updated: 2024/4/15
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