In-Game Messages from the TOYVERSE Team

At the top of your Messages hub, you'll see a chat from the TOYVERSE team. We'll occasionally send you messages and gifts via this chat.

In general, we'll typically use this chat to send you (and other players) their login bonuses. There may be times when we also use it to send you messages, event-related rewards, and other gifts too.

However, we will never use the chat to ask you for gifts, follows, meetups, your personal information, or any other such interactions. If you are contacted by another player asking you for these things while pretending to be us, please report that player to us immediately.


You can tell our official account apart from the others in two major ways:
1 - The official account's profile icon is a close-up of our dapper "Guidebot".
2 - Players are unable to chat or send messages in the TOYVERSE chat room.

Any other account or player stating to be us—is a faker!


Responding to and interacting with questionable accounts might expose you to serious risks, like losing in-game items (such as Joy Gems or stickers), having your account hacked, or getting your information stolen. For your own safety, never reply to players you don't trust.


Remember, we in the official TOYVERSE team will never ask you for gifts, follows, or your private information using the in-game chat! When in doubt, give us a shout!


We want everyone to fully enjoy TOYVERSE in a safe and fun environment. Therefore, we will continue taking proactive measures to monitor our operations and respond to your reports in timely fashion to protect you and your personal information.



Last Updated: 2023/10/02
Feel free to contact us if you still have any other questions or concerns.
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