About "Gold"

What is "Gold"?

TOYVERSE is fundamentally a free-to-play game. While there are various types of in-game-only currency used in TOYVERSE, such as Joy Gems, "Gold" is a "free-to-earn" currency, which means you can obtain it without making real-money purchases. Gold can be earned in a variety of ways, as described below.


Getting Gold

You can obtain Gold from the following:
- via Login Bonus rewards
- via Event rewards
- from Dilly-Dally completion rewards
- through gifts from the TOYVERSE team


How to Spend Gold

Players can spend their Gold in TOYVERSE on the following:
- sticker purchases from "Pick 'n' Stick Stores" (Toy-Mart)
- sticker purchases from "Sticker Packs" (Toy-Mart)
- emote purchases (poses/gestures) (Toy-Mart)
- other sale items or convenience features (as they come available)


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Last Updated: 2023/10/02
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