About "Joy Gems"

Regarding Joy Gem Purchases

TOYVERSE is fundamentally a free-to-play game.
However, the game also features special in-game-only currency (e.g. Joy Gems / Gold) which are needed to make in-app purchases for various other content. "Joy Gems" are a "pay-for" currency, which require real-money transactions (RMT) to acquire.
Furthermore, as policies governing purchases made by minors vary by country, all underage players (or players under the legal age of majority in their area) must obtain the consent of a legal representative or guardian before making any real-money transactions.


For the pricing of Joy Gems, please refer to the following:

Joy Gems

Price (in US$)

100 $0.99
525 $4.99


2,150 $19.99
3,900 $34.99
7,350 $64.99

*The number of Joy Gems purchasable listed above includes bonus gem amounts.
*The amount of bonus Joy Gems added to the total varies by price.
*Joy Gems will be automatically added to the player's balance upon completion of purchase.
*Joy Gems cannot be returned for refund after purchase.


How to Spend Joy Gems

Players can spend their Joy Gems in TOYVERSE on the following:
- sticker purchases from "Pick 'n' Stick Stores" (Toy-Mart)
- sticker purchases from "Sticker Packs" (Toy-Mart)
- "Base nOn" purchases (Toy-Mart)
- emote purchases (poses/gestures) (Toy-Mart)
- "Bargain Bundle" purchases (Toy-Mart)
- additional "Sticker Book" purchases (Toybox)
- other sale items or convenience features (as they become available)


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Last Updated: 2023/10/02
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