Prohibited Activities & Penalties

▼ About Prohibited Activities

Within TOYVERSE, there are certain actions and activities that are not allowed.

If a player is found doing one of these prohibited activities, an appropriate penalty will be given depending on the type of activity.

About Penalties

Penalties may include: post deletions, warnings, certain ID use restrictions, and ID use suspensions.

Penalties will increase in severity when the player conducts the same offense repeatedly, or when the player conducts many different offenses.

About Account Restrictions and Suspensions

ID use restrictions range from temporary suspensions to permanent bans.

In the case that you receive a temporary suspension, you will be unable to play TOYVERSE for the duration of the suspension period.

In the case that you receive a permanent ban, you will be no longer be able to play TOYVERSE with the account in question.

If you try logging in during a restriction or suspension period, you'll receive a pop-up with info about your restricted access and penalty.

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About Item Compensations

We will not provide compensation for expired Sticker Pack Tickets, login bonuses, Dilly-Dally rewards, or other items you were unable to claim due to login restrictions during a suspension or ban.

Please note: if your account is permanently banned due to conducting a prohibited action, we will not be able refund you for any Joy Gems purchased on said account.

Contacting Support

If you have any questions about a penalty you have received, please contact the TOYVERSE Support Team using the "Contact Us" link displayed on the penalty pop-up that appears when the game is launched.

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.



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Last Updated: 2024/5/2
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