What are "Dilly-Dallies"?

"Dilly-Dallies" are where you can get special rewards for completing certain actions or achievements, like "Check out the Moments page" or "Follow another player".

Let's take a look at what you'll see on the Dilly-Dally screen.

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1 - Category Tabs
Dilly-Dallies are broken up into different types. The area at the top the page here shows the tabs for each category:

- Beginner = Dilly-Dally challenges for new players only (These can only be completed once.)
- Daily = Dilly-Dallies that refresh on a daily basis
- Weekly = Dilly-Dallies that refresh on a weekly basis

2 - Completion Rewards
You can claim a completion reward for each category (Beginner/Daily/Weekly) after completing a determined number of Dilly-Dally tasks for a given list and claimed each of their rewards.

For example, you must complete all of your Beginner tasks in order to claim your "Beginner's Bounty", but you only need to complete 7 Dailies to claim your "Daily Reward".

3 - Time Restriction
This will show you how much time you have left to complete the current list before your Dilly-Dallies reset.

4 - Completion Counter
The completion counter shows you not only the Dilly-Dallies you've completed, but those that you've also claimed the rewards from. If you want full completion, don't forget to snag your rewards!

5 - Dilly-Dally List
This is where you can check the different actions, challenges, or achievements you need to clear. You can also see what the reward for each Dilly-Dally will be.
Once you've completed a Dilly-Dally, come back to this page and tap "Claim" to get the reward for clearing it.

6 - Claim All Button
When you have rewards to claim, you can tap the large green "Claim All" button at the bottom to claim all the rewards at once.



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Last Updated: 2024/4/22
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