About Game Maintenance

TOYVERSE performs maintenance from time to time to add new content and fix bugs and other problems.

Unfortunately, during the maintenance periods, you won't be able to use TOYVERSE.

We'll keep you informed of the time and dates of our maintenance periods in advance using in-app notifications and X (formally known as Twitter).

We appreciate your understanding, and hope you'll enjoy the updates after each maintenance concludes.

 Official X : Link




- Please close your TOYVERSE app 10 minutes before the scheduled start of a maintenance period.

- The maintenance period may be extended without prior notice, but in the event of a maintenance extension, we will inform you of the new expected end time as soon as we can via our X account.

- Depending on the nature of the maintenance work done, it may be necessary to update your app to the latest version (via the App Store or Google Play Store) after maintenance concludes.



Last Updated: 2023/10/02
Feel free to contact us if you still have any other questions or concerns.
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