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When You Don't Receive a Response from Our Support Team

Under normal conditions, we will attempt to respond to all inquiries sent to us within 24 hours.
However, depending on the total number of messages we have currently received, it may sometimes take up to several days to hear back from us.

If you still haven't received a response from us after several days, try contacting us again, and (if possible) provide an alternate email address for us to contact you with.

Also, please check the settings for the following two things:


Email Filter Settings

- Double check your email account's junk or spam filter settings to make sure you can receive emails from us and that "@toyverse.jp" is white-listed.


Anti-Phishing and Protection Settings

- Depending on the email service you use, some services have settings that may (upon certain conditions being met) block or delete suspicious emails before they even reach your inbox. Double check if your email account has any of these settings active.

For more details on managing your email account's settings, please contact your email service's designated support team.



Can I Share My Content on X or YouTube?

While we don't have any strict regulations prohibiting or restricting players from sharing their TOYVERSE content on social media platforms such as X or YouTube, posting content does come with it's own share of risks.

For instance, posting information or images of another player's content or nOn without their consent can lead to serious problems or confrontations.

We sincerely ask that you avoid posting any information that infringes on the privacy of other players, or content that could be used to identify another individual.

Furthermore, if any posted content is discovered that significantly damages the public reputation of our company, injures the reputation of TOYVERSE, or otherwise obstructs our operations (such as content that demonstrates malicious use of cheats or exploitation of in-game bugs), we will request that the content be removed immediately.

In the event that the content is not removed even after such request is made, we may take appropriate legal actions, including but not limited to lodging formal complaints or filing lawsuits for damages and compensation.



Posting Content on Video Sharing and Social Media Platforms

With regards to posting content, such as clips or images you've created yourself, on social platforms (e.g. X, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) we have a few cautions and requests.
Before posting, we ask that you first read and adhere to the following:

~ When Creating and Posting Content for Personal Use ~

- In general, there are no issues doing so. Please feel free to create and post content.
- In terms of copyrights, all rights belong to and are reserved by cocone N. Y.
- When posting content, please adhere to the guidelines defined in the Terms of Service.
- Do not post content that in any way damages the image of TOYVERSE or our company.


~ When Creating and Posting Content for Commercial Use ~

- This includes, but is not limited to, use in articles, magazines, blogs, etc.

- We ask that before posting you first contact us at cocone v.


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Last Updated: 2023/10/02
Feel free to contact us if you still have any other questions or concerns.
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