Regarding the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

※The Act on Specified Commercial Transactions applies only to transactions within Japan between residents of Japan.




cocone v corporation


Operation Manager

Dong-Jun Choi, CEO



3-1-2 Higashihie, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 812-0007

Online Inquiries

Inquiries can be sent from within the TOYVERSE app via “Contact Us” located in the in-game Settings, or via the following URL: 


For contact by telephone, a number will be disclosed upon request when indicated in an inquiry received via the contact method listed above.

Product Prices

Prices are displayed on the purchase page when making purchases in the app.

Other Charges

Internet connection or telecommunication charges necessary to view pages on the official website or within the app, to purchase content, and/or to download software.

Access to Digital Items

Unless otherwise specified on the purchase page, digital items are available for use immediately after purchase.

Payment Methods

Credit cards, mobile phone carrier charge collection services, and other payment methods provided by transaction proxy agents such as Apple Inc. and Google LLC.

Canceling of Purchase

Upon completion of the transaction, returns and/or cancellations of digital content purchases cannot be issued at the customer’s behest.

(Please note that this does not include instances in which laws or ordinances deem reimbursement necessary.)

Support for Product Defects

Though returns cannot be issued for purchased items due to the nature of the products, corrections will be offered for digital content that is found to be defective.

Operating Requirements

The operating requirements for running the TOYVERSE app can be found on the official FAQ website under “Regarding the App”> “Recommended Devices And Operating Systems (OS).