Payment Services Act Disclosure

※The Payment Services Act applies only to transactions within Japan between residents of Japan.



Name of Prepaid Currency

Joy Gem 




cocone v corporation



Purchasable Amount of Prepaid Currency

The maximum purchase limit per month is divided by age group.

Age 15 or younger:  Up to $40.00 / month
Age 16 or 17:  Up to $150.00 / month
Age 18 or older:  No limit

*The amounts listed above are based on U.S. dollars. Final amounts will depend on the exchange rates in the customer's country of residence.



Expiration Date

None. However, we reserve the right to delete, without prior notification, accounts that have not been accessed for one year or more. Any unused in-app currency will be lost at this time. 

Contact Information


W3-1-2 Higashihie, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 812-0007


Inquiries can also be sent via “Contact Us”located in the Settings menu from within the TOYVERSE app.

Scope of Use

Can be used within the TOYVERSE app.

Usage Precautions 


Joy Gems cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of financial gain outside of the service and/or content specified by cocone v. The amount of Joy Gems required in exchange for said service and/or content, as well as the terms of use for Joy Gems, shall be determined by cocone v and indicated within said service.


*Once purchased, refunds for Joy Gems at the customer’s request cannot be issued.


*However, this excludes instances where cocone v is at fault, or where laws or ordinances deem a refund necessary.


Joy Gems are licensed exclusively for use by the account under which they are purchased. Joy Gems cannot be transferred or moved to other accounts. Furthermore, Joy Gems cannot be transferred or added from an account balance on one device to another device, even for the same user account.

Checking Balance

Remaining Joy Gem balances can be confirmed via “Toy-Mart” from within the TOYVERSE app.

Terms of Service

Please refer to the TOYVERSE Terms of Service.

Measures Regarding Customer Protections

Please refer to the cocone v corporation home page.