Important Notes for Gold Sticker Pack Purchases

*Note: The sale period for each Sticker Pack series is displayed on the pack's page.


※ A single Gold Sticker Pack contains 1 sticker, and packs can normally be purchased for 300 Gold each.


※ Gold Sticker Packs can be purchased individually (as single 1-sticker packs), or as 11-sticker bundles (equivalent to drawing 10 single packs + 1 bonus sticker).


※ Sticker Packs may contain duplicate stickers.


※ The stickers contained in Sticker Packs are drawn at random, and each sticker is drawn individually according to its respective draw rate.(For example, a sticker with a draw rate of 1% may not appear even when drawing 100 stickers.)


※ You can check the draw rates for the stickers in each Gold Sticker Pack series by tapping the "Featured Items" button and scrolling down to the "Draw Rates" section.


※ Discounted prices for Gold Sticker Packs will be applied to single 1-sticker packs only.


※ When purchasing a single 1-sticker Gold Sticker Pack, the first purchase is free.


※ There are no discounted prices for the 10-pack (10-stickers + 1 bonus sticker) bundles, and they can be purchased for 3,000 Gold each.


※ There are no Purchase Bonus rewards for any Gold Sticker Pack series.


※ Gold Sticker Packs cannot be purchased using Sticker Pack Tickets.


※ Stickers are consumable in-game items.


※ Even after a particular sale period has concluded, a limited-time Sticker Pack series may become available again at a future date.


※ Depending on the stability of your network connection, there may be times when attempts to draw Sticker Packs do not function as intended.