Important Notes for Joy Gem Sticker Pack Purchases

*Note: The sale period for each Sticker Pack series is displayed on the pack's page.


※ A single Joy Gem Sticker Pack contains 10 stickers, and packs can normally be purchased for 200 Joy Gems each.


※ Joy Gem Sticker Packs can be purchased individually (as single 10-sticker packs), or as 105-sticker bundles (equivalent to drawing 10 single packs + 5 bonus stickers).


※ When purchasing a 10-pack bundle using a Sticker Pack Ticket, no bonus stickers will be added. (i.e. Only 100 stickers will be drawn.)


※ Sticker Packs may contain duplicate stickers.


※ The stickers contained in Sticker Packs are drawn at random, and each sticker is drawn individually according to its respective draw rate.(For example, a sticker with a draw rate of 1% may not appear even when drawing 100 stickers.)


※ You can check the draw rates for the stickers in each Joy Gem Sticker Pack series by tapping the "Featured Items" button and scrolling down to the "Draw Rates" section.


※ Discounted prices for Joy Gem Sticker Packs will be applied to both 1-pack and 10-pack purchases simultaneously. Please be aware that whichever discounted offer you purchase will affect the subsequent discount offered for both selections.


[ Example 1 ]

If you purchase a 10-pack (105-sticker) bundle without first purchasing a single 10-sticker pack, the first 7 packs will be discounted and the last 3 packs will be full-priced, like so:

Pack 1: 70% off ➝  60
Pack 2: 60% off ➝ 80
Pack 3: 50% off ➝ 100
Pack 4: 40% off ➝ 120
Pack 5: 30% off ➝ 140
Pack 6: 20% off ➝ 160
Pack 7: 10% off ➝ 180
Pack 8: 0% off ➝ 200
Pack 9: 0% off ➝ 200
Pack 10: 0% off ➝ 200
In this case, the 10-pack bundle would be offered for 1,440 Joy Gems


[Example 2]

If you purchase a single 10-sticker pack, and then purchase a 10-pack bundle, the initial discount of 70% will apply to the single pack purchased first, and the subsequent discounts will only be applied to the first 6 packs drawn in the 10-pack bundle, like so:

Pack 1: 60% off ➝ 80
Pack 2: 50% off ➝ 100
Pack 3: 40% off ➝ 120
Pack 4: 30% off ➝ 140
Pack 5: 20% off ➝ 160
Pack 6: 10% off ➝ 180
Pack 7: 0% off ➝ 200
Pack 8: 0% off ➝ 200
Pack 9: 0% off ➝ 200
Pack 10: 0% off ➝ 200
In this case, after purchasing the single pack at 70% off for 90 Joy Gems, the 10-pack bundle would then be offered for 1,560 Joy Gems.


From the 8th pack and onwards, all Sticker Packs will return to the default price of 300 Joy Gems per pack, regardless of purchase type (i.e. single pack or 10-pack bundle).


※ Purchasing Sticker Packs using Sticker Pack Tickets will not affect the discounts offered on subsequent purchases.


※ Purchasing Sticker Packs using Sticker Pack Tickets will count towards the total stickers needed to receive Purchase Bonus rewards.


※ Purchase Bonus rewards can only be obtained once per account during each sale period. (Each Sticker Pack series features two separate single-sticker bonus rewards.)


※ Stickers are consumable in-game items.


※ Even after a particular sale period has concluded, a limited-time Sticker Pack series may become available again at a future date.


※ Depending on the stability of your network connection, there may be times when attempts to draw Sticker Packs do not function as intended.