Taking a Look Around the World

The image shown below should resemble what your screen looks like when you've entered a world. We'll break down the various bits below!

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.

▼ Basic UI Layout

1 - Player List

Tap this to see a list of the other players who have joined the same world as you.

2 - Chat Window Button
Tap this to see the Chat Log for this world.
Tap it again to close the log overlay.

3 - Invite Player Button
Tap this to invite other players to join your world.

4 - World Menu Button
Tap this to open the in-world options menu.

5 - Return Home Button
Tap this to go back to your Home screen.

6 - Your nOn
That's you! You're the star here on this screen.
The nOn you control is the nOn you've set as your Main nOn.

Player nicknames are displayed above each nOn, with yours being displayed in green, and the nicknames of other players in white.

7 - Joystick Control
Use this radial touch pad to control the movement of your nOn, similar to using a physical joystick.
Touch and drag the center circle in any direction to move your nOn.

8 - Jump Button
Tap this button to make your nOn jump.
You can use it while also using the Joystick to make your nOn jump in a desired direction.

9 - Emote List
Tap this to open a list of the emotes (gestures and poses) that you have.
Just tap whichever emote you want from the displayed list to perform the emote.

10 - Toy Accessories Button
Tap this button to view and equip your available Accessories.
(Check "All About Toy Accessories" for more details.)

11 - Chat Button
Use this button to chat with others.
Tap the button to bring up your device's keyboard and type your message.

Your message will show briefly in a text bubble above your nOn, as well as in the world Chat Log. (No text bubble will show if you have "Text Bubbles" turned off from your in-world settings.)

12 - Snap Mode Toggle
Tap this to toggle Snap mode on or off.
Activate Snap mode to enable taking snapshots, or "Snaps".
Tap the camera icon again to turn Snap mode off and return to normal gameplay.


▼ How to Operate the Camera Controls

One of the most fun aspects of hanging out in TOYVERSE is taking pictures!

Let's take a look at how to use the controls:

1 - Rotating the Camera
Your camera will move while staying centered on your nOn.
To change the angle of the camera, simply touch any empty area on the screen and drag to rotate the camera's direction.

Check the sample images below for examples on how to move the camera.

Touch and slide upwards to tilt the camera up.
(The camera moves down, titling upward.)


Touch and drag downwards to tilt the camera down.
(The camera moves up, titling downward.)


Touch and drag left to face the camera to the left.
(The camera moves right, titling leftward.)

Touch and drag right to face the camera to the right.
(The camera moves left, titling rightward.)

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.


2 - Zooming In and Out

You can also zoom in on or out from your nOn.

To change the zoom distance, simply touch any empty area on the screen and pinch in or out to adjust it.
- zoom in = pinch out (moving fingers away from each other)
- zoom out = pinch in (moving fingers towards each other)

Pinching Out (Zoom In)


Pinching In (Zoom Out)

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.


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Last Updated: 2024/4/8
Feel free to contact us if you still have any other questions or concerns.
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