If you happen to have any duplicates (2 or more) of the same sticker, you can send your duplicates to other players as "Gifts"!


Important Note Regarding Use:

Using the "Gift" feature as a means of exchanging stickers with other players comes with its own risks, so we highly recommend against it. (In other words, trade at your own risk!)

For example, say a player promises to send you an [ABC] sticker if you gift them an [XYZ] sticker...but then, after you gift them your sticker, they don't gift you any stickers in return! To avoid situations like these, we advise you only use the "Gift" feature for simply sending gifts.

In the event that you do attempt to exchange stickers and encounter issues, we cannot provide Support for these interactions (e.g. refunding stickers, providing mediation, etc.), so please exercise caution.


How to Send Gifts to Other Players

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.

You can send gifts to another player via the following steps:


I. Selecting Stickers
First, go to the profile page of the player you want to send a gift to. Tap the Gift icon (between the Follow button and the DM icon).

Next, on the "Select Sticker" page, you can choose which stickers (that you own duplicates of) that you want to gift to the other player.

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.

1 - List of Giftable Stickers
This area will display which stickers you are currently able to send to other players. You can select up to 4 different stickers (up to 5 copies of each) from among the duplicates you have in your Toybox.

*Keep in mind that you will need a Gift Tag sticker for each sticker you send. (See "What are "Gift Tags"?" below.)

2 - Selected Sticker Slots
Any stickers you've selected will be displayed in the slots at the bottom of the screen. You can remove a sticker from the selection by tapping the X button on the upper right of the slot.

3 - Next Button
After you've finished selecting your gift stickers, tap the "Next" button to move to the next screen.

4 - Select Amount Screen
On the next screen, you can adjust how many copies of each sticker you want to send. You can send up to 5 of each (for a possible total of up to 20 stickers)!

5 - Write a Message Button
When you've finished setting your desired amounts, tap "Write a Message" to proceed to the next step.

II. Writing a Message

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.

1 - Gift Card
On the "Confirmation" screen, you can select a Gift Card (a thematic picture) to send a long with your gift. Select one from the 4 provided options.

2 - Message Space
Write a message! Receiving a gift is even better with a nice message. Tap the message input space to move to the "Write Message" screen where you can write whatever you want to say.

When you've finished writing your message, tap "Save" to return to the previous page. Take a moment to review the details, and if all looks good, tap "Send Gift" and away it goes!

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.


What are "Gift Tags"?

"Gift Tags" are wax seals that you need in order to send stickers as gifts. You need one Gift Tag for each sticker you gift.

In other words:

1 sticker = 1 Gift Tag
3 stickers = 3 Gift Tags
...and so on.

Gift Tags are most often obtained through things like completing Dilly-Dallies, participating in events, claiming login bonuses, getting them through promotions, etc.

There may times when you can purchase them via Toy-Mart as well, as part of a special Bargain Bundle or other sale.


Important Request When Gifting Stickers

We would like to begin by stating that the Gift feature in TOYVERSE is intended as a means of sending stickers to friends, followers, and other familiar acquaintances. It is NOT intended as a feature for trading stickers with other players.

Important Note Regarding Use:
When using the Gift feature as a means of trading stickers, there is always the risk of encountering issues or becoming the victim of deceitful player behaviors, such as not receiving the stickers promised to you for trade, even after sending your stickers to the other player.

Please understand that, as a general rule, we are unable to provide support (such as reimbursing stickers lost or mediating between players), even in the event that you are the victim of a player's fraudulent activities.

That said, in the event we are able to confirm that a player has used the Gift feature for dishonest purposes or other misconduct, the offender's account will be promptly and permanently banned without prior notice.


Below are a few example scenarios based on real incidents across other games:

1. After agreeing to trade stickers that each other doesn't have, you send your stickers first. But then, you never heard back from the other person.

For example, another player might promise to trade stickers they don't currently have, but insist they will get those stickers in the next Sticker Pack they draw. Or, they might lie and say that they have the sticker(s) you want, when in reality, they don't.

In either case, they might ask you to send your stickers first, and promise they'll send theirs afterwards. But, after you do, they ghost you.

And, to avoid becoming the one ghosting other players, we highly recommend you refrain from making promises to trade stickers you do not currently have. Even when you know a particular sticker is available from the in-game store (Toy-Mart), please never promise to trade a sticker or stickers you can't absolutely guarantee obtaining (such as those from Sticker Packs).

Sometimes it might take you longer than you anticipate to draw the sticker(s) you've promised. The longer it takes, the more uncertain your promise might seem.

2. You join in a player-hosted "Sticker Trading Party" or similar event, but then never receive anything for your contributions.

For example, other players might hold sticker exchanges as part of player-hosted events or promote seasonal giveaways in exchange for follows or other favors. While some of these might be good-natured events, some players may intentionally use these opportunities for dishonest reasons.

Please only participate in player-hosted events after clarifying all the details and confirming the consent of all parties. If any parts are left unclear, we highly encourage you to refrain from participating in the event.

3. After sending your stickers for trade, you never receive anything from the other person. When you asking them about it, they reply with statements like, "But I did send them!" or "It's not my fault—it must have bugged out!"

As of this time, we have yet to confirm any such bugs or incidents of stickers not being received even though they were successfully sent as gifts (and removed from the sender's collection).

When gifting stickers, please be extra careful and double check you have the correct recipient before tapping that "Send Gift" button.

That said, we are always checking into technical issues and reported bugs. If you suspect something might actually be a bug, please let us know! Use our Contact Form here to give us the details.

4. The player you want to trade with says they will "send the stickers from their alternate account." But after you send your stickers for trade, you never from them again.

As shown in the examples above, trading stickers can already be rather a "sticky" business. Involving multiple accounts (3 or more) just makes it all that more complicated, and even easier for trouble to occur. Please exercise caution if you decide to trade stickers with any other players.

Final Note:
We would like to reiterate once more that we will be unable to provide support (such as reimbursing stickers lost or mediating between players) for disputes arising from voluntarily agreed upon "sticker trades". We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


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Last Updated: 2024/4/22
Feel free to contact us if you still have any other questions or concerns.
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