Inviting Friends Using Friend Referrals

You can invite your friends to TOYVERSE by sharing a special code with them. This code is unique to your account, and if a friend enters the code in their game, you BOTH will get rewards!

You can get to the Friend Referral page via the Home Menu.




・Inviting Your Friends

Invite friends to play TOYVERSE together with you by sending them your Friend Referral Code.
After your friend downloads TOYVERSE and enters your code in their game, you both will receive special reward items!

Rewards for Successful Referrals:
Player Who Shared Code (Inviter) – 1 Special Referral-Exclusive Sticker & 1500 Gold
Player Who Entered Code (Invitee) – 600 Gold



*You will receive a stamp for each successful Friend Referral that meets the conditions described above, and receive your Friend Referral Rewards in your Gift Box. You can get rewards for up to 10 successful referrals.

・How to Send a Friend Referral

Follow the steps below when inviting friends:

1 - Share Your Referral Code with Your Friends
When on the Friend Referral screen, tap the "Send Invite" button, and you'll be able to share your code with others via other social network and messaging apps.
You can also copy your code to your device's clipboard by tapping the "Copy" button located to the right of your code.


2 - Have Your Friends Enter Your Referral Code

After you've shared your code with a friend, have your friend download TOYVERSE and create their own account. After they've completed the tutorial, navigate them to the Friend Referral page and have them enter your 8-digit code into the entry field at the bottom of the page.

If they entered the code successfully, you both will receive your special referral rewards.

・Entering a Friend Referral Code

If you've received a code from a friend, be sure to enter the code so you both can claim your items!




Just follow these easy-to-do steps to complete the process:

- Download and start TOYVERSE
- Complete the Tutorial
- Open the Home Menu and tap "Friend Referral"
- Scroll down and enter the code where it says "Enter your referral code here..."

*Keep in mind that your Referral Gift is a one-time-only reward and can only be claimed once. After successfully entering a friend's code and receiving your gift, the code entry area will disappear from the Friend Referral page.


*After each successful referral, both you and your friend will automatically become mutual followers for each other on your TOYVERSE accounts.

・Important Note

When playing on an Android device, if the game does not respond when you tap "Send Invite", this may be due to your device's settings and permissions for TOYVERSE.

Open your device's Settings menu, then select "Apps" ➝ "TOYVERSE" ➝ "Permissions" ➝ "SMS" to open the SMS Permissions.
Make sure "Allow" is selected, then try sending your Friend Referral again.

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Last Updated: 2024/1/15
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