How to Find Rewards via "Treasure Hunt"

When in Joy Town, you can hunt for stickers, Gold, and other goodies via the "Treasure Hunt" feature. You can find up to 5 treasure chests a day!



・How to Hunt for Treasure

1 - First, you need to borrow treasure hunting gear!

From your Home screen, tap "World" and warp to "Joy Town."

Then, go to the "Treasure Hunt" hut to borrow a metal detector and headphones from Digger, Joy Town's treasure hunting expert.


Talk to Digger, and he'll give you a short explanation about how to hunt for treasure.


Afterward, he'll offer to lend you some gear.
Reply "Sure!", and he'll lend you a metal detector and send you off to hunt.

2 - Use the detector to hunt for treasure chests!

Depending on how far away you are from your next target, the light and sound emitted from the metal detector will change.

Essentially, the closer you get, the warmer the color and the faster the ping will become.

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You can tell the distance of a treasure chest based on the sensor's color.

When very far away, the color will be a light blue. The closer you get, the color will change to: green > then yellow > then orange, in that order.


When you've finally found the location of the treasure chest (and gotten close enough to dig it up), the sensor's light will shine red and an icon will appear near the ground.

While searching, you might also notice a number at the top of the screen above your nOn. This is your detector's "distance readout," and it tells you how far away you are from the next treasure chest. Use this, along with the sensor light and signal pings, to hunt down those treasure chests even faster!


Finally, once you've located a chest, all you have to do is tap the "Dig" icon to dig up the treasure. It's as simple as that!

IMG_0876_02.png         IMG8.png         Screenshot_TH_20240228_1.jpg

The chest will pop open automatically to reveal the goodies you found.

You can find all kinds of stickers and Gold via the Treasure Hunt, so be sure to try it out!

3 - You can also pause and resume the hunt as you please!

You can pause and resume treasure hunting at any time after you've borrowed gear from Digger.

Tap the "Pause" button to temporarily stow your gear and switch back to normal play mode. Once back in normal play mode, you'll be able to interact with other objects again, like benches or seats.

When you feel like returning to the hunt, tap the "Resume" button to switch back to treasure hunting mode again.

*You can search for up to 5 treasure chests a day.
*Chests for the Treasure Hunt reset every day at 5:00 a.m. (UTC).

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Last Updated: 2024/2/28
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