All About Toy Accessories

Get in gear with TOYVERSE-Brand Toy Accessories!

"Accessories" are temporary cosmetic items that you can wear while in-world.
Grab your favorite nOn, jump into a world, and give 'em a try!


▼ How to Equip Accessories

Tap the "Accessories" icon in the lower left of your screen while in-world. (It's the hanger-looking one next to the Emotes icon!) This will open up your Accessory tabs.

Accessories are divided into three categories: "Head", "Back", and "Bottom".
Tap the title of each tab to switch between categories and select the Accessories you want.

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.

<Head> Accessories

Pretty self-explanatory, no? Select an Accessory from this tab to wear something on your noggin. These could be hats...ears...or other "heady" items.

<Back> Accessories

Select one of these to wear an Accessory on your upper back. Time to give your nOn some wings! (Ability to fly not included.)

<Bottom> Accessories

Select an item from this category to equip an Accessory on your lower backside. No outfit is complete without this "tail-end" component!

*You can only equip 1 of each Accessory type at a time.
(In other words, you cannot wear two Head items or two Back items at the same time.)

▼ How to Remove Accessories

You can take off an Accessory for a particular category by tapping the "Remove" button while viewing that tab.

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.

▼ Regarding Accessories and Minigames

You are not able to wear Accessories when treasure hunting, fishing, or playing Rock Paper Scissors.

If you begin any of these activities while wearing any Accessories, they will be automatically hidden for the duration of the activity
. (The Accessories you had equipped will reappear once you quit or complete the minigame.)



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Last Updated: 2024/3/26
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