Viewing Your Home Screen

Your Home screen is the first basic screen you'll see when you enter TOYVERSE, and acts as your central hub connecting you with the other various parts of the game.

For instance, from here you can enter your Sticker Doodle Studio (where you design your nOn), or jump to the World Selection (where you play as the nOn you designed).


But accessing the different areas of TOYVERSE isn't all you can do here!

Aside from the nOn you've set as your "Main nOn", you'll also see 4 other nOn visiting your Home. (In other words, you might see up to 5 nOn on your Home screen at any one time.)

And who exactly are these "visitors"?

Why, they're the Main nOn of other TOYVERSE players, of course!

Typically, these visitors will be nOn made by people you follow or your mutuals. So, if you find players with cool nOn that catch your interest, be sure to give them a follow, and maybe their nOn will show up at your Home!

▼ Online/Offline Status Markers

Along with their player nickname, each nOn that shows up on your Home screen will also display that player's online status.

- If the player is currently online, a green dot will show next to their nickname.
- Conversely, if they are currently offline or invisible, then no icon will be displayed.
- If the player is both online and currently in a world, then their status indicator will be a light blue dot instead of a green one.

You can use these indicators to help you communicate, meet up, and play with friends and followers based on their current status.

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.

As mentioned above, players can also choose to set their status to "invisible" if they don't want other players to see them online. You can toggle whether you appear online or offline from the Close-up screen.

▼ Getting a Close-Up Look

Tap any nOn (yours or another player's) to view that nOn in more detail on the Close-up screen. What you can see or do will differ depending on whose nOn it is:


I. When Viewing Your Own nOn

When viewing the Close-up of your own nOn, you can:

● Tap the flag icon to jump to your Toybox (Use this shortcut when you want to change your current Main nOn!)

● Tap the cogwheel icon in the upper right to access your Profile Settings and toggle your online/offline status (You can also change this via: Menu > Game and Privacy Settings > Online Status)

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.

II. When Viewing Another Player's nOn

When viewing another player's nOn in a Close-up, you can:

● Check the player's nickname
● Follow that player
● Jump to that player's profile page
● Check if they are in a world
● Join in-world players in their world*
● Hide that follower from your Home for the day

*Images represent content still in development and subject to change.

*The world you or another player is currently in will only be displayed for mutual followers. Therefore, only mutuals are able to directly join another player's world from the Close-up screen.



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Last Updated: 2024/3/25
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