Interacting with the World

An "interaction" refers to the in-world action your nOn takes when you tap on an "interaction point", such as sitting on a bench or talking to one of the Toybot residents.

When you tap an interaction point, such as those on chairs, Joy Park rides, the Fountain, and so on, your nOn will perform an action specific to that object.

Also, there are many interactions that you can only view within a specific world! If you come across one, be sure to give that interaction icon a tap and check out what happens!


Did we mention that interacting with things is also how you get Clips?!

That's right! Riding the Ferris wheel, eating a doughnut, or tossing a coin in the Fountain might generate a few Clips for you too! (Check here for more info on Clips.)



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Last Updated: 2024/3/22
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